Polished Stone Technique - Variation 1

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polished stone technique?

Polished Stone Technique - Variation 1

Try this technique for a multi-colored or tie-dyed effect:
Take two sheets of a non-absorbent material such as acetate, wax paper, vinyl report cover...lay one sheet down over a well covered work surface.
Select three colors of alcohol based re-inkers, and randomly drop inks around on the sheet. Lay the second sheet over the top, and press or brayer until the inks have covered the entire surface of both sheets.
Now separate them, lay each flat and place a sheet of glossy cardstock over each. Press to ensure full coverage of the cardstock. Lift cardstock off carefully - straight up to the best of your ability, and set aside to dry. Buff with tissue paper. Stamp and embellish to your heart's content!



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