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Do you have hints on setting up my own business?

Visit other stores

One of the first things that you HAVE to do is visit other craft stores in your surrounding area. Make sure that you see what's already available and what you could offer that will make your store THE place to go. In most cities you will find that there are companies that specialise in retail advice - check them out and pay for an expert if you have to.

Do you have hints on setting up my own business?

Incorporate USA

This company can help with all the paperwork required (and searches) for incorporating your business. You can find them at

What sort of home business can I set up?

Home based selling.

Home based selling of stamps is done in 2 different ways. There are those that sell craft products in "party plan" format ie: just like Tupperware where they have to find people to have "parties" at which you sell product. There are also a whole lot of new companies being set up on the internet. Either way can be a good money maker, but you need to have a good business plan before starting out.

Do you have hints on setting up my own business?

Online Business Advice

There are many companies out there that you can contact for advise on starting your own business. You could try checking out the site, they seem to have some great information.

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