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Radiant Pearls?

Radiant Pearls Official Site

You can visit the Radiant Pearls official website to view a complete color chart; samples of cards done with RP; and many other things like tips on how to use it.

What can I use to embellish my card?

Metallic leaf - tips for when using it

When using gold leaf you will have to handle it very carefully and make sure that there is no wind/breeze/airconditioning running in the room. It is very very light and will fly away at the merest breath of a breeze. Also, if you are using the sheets of real gold leaf, try not to touch it with your bare hands - a thin pair of white cotton gloves is good to wear when handling the sheets. The flakes are a little more robust and you can use bare hands with those.

What can I use to embellish my card?

Fun Flock - what sort of images can it be used on?

Fun flock is great on sheep; santa beards; snow scenes; snowmen; teddy bears; slipper images; dressing gown images; flowers; leaves; grass and many more.

What is freezer paper?

Freezer Paper - what is it used for?

Freezer paper is quite often used in creating collage cards. You can use it to adhere small light objects (eg: stamps, dried flowers, leaves etc) to your work.

What can I use to embellish my card?

Buttons & Beads

Don't forget that good old buttons and beads can make great embellishments. You just need to finish off your card and then add some thick glue and press the buttons or beads into it and wait for it to dry. You could also try sewing buttons onto your paper or cardstock - this is a great look.


Foil - What is it?

Most stamp stores stock foil in sheets. This is a great product to use for adding extra shine to your finished projects. It is a colored foil which is attached to a very thin layer of clear plastic.

fun flock?

Fun Flock - what is it?

Fun Flock is "fluff in a jar"! You can buy it from good rubber stamping and craft shops. You can add it to cards to give a "fluffy" feel and look to the finished product.

Radiant Pearls?

Radiant Pearls Color Chart

If you want to buy some of these wonderful pearlescent paints, then visit the Online Color Chart at Impressive Stamps. If you haven't seen these before, then you'll be in for a wonderful treat.

Radiant Pearls?

Where to find Radiant Pearls projects

You can try visiting ArtKat which is the site of the famous Kat Runge. She travels the world demonstrating for the Radiant Pearls company, and is constantly coming up with new ideas and uses for the product.

What is freezer paper?

Freezer Paper - what is it?

Freezer paper is a type of paper which has a thin layer of plastic on one side. When heated the plastic helps the paper to adhere to other surfaces.

What can I use to embellish my card?

Gold leaf - using the sheets

When using the sheets it is best to buy the special adhesive that is sold for use with them. First you will have to brush the adhesive onto the areas that you want leafed and then let it dry. Then, handling the leaf carefully, place the leaf onto the glue and rub very gently with a dry paintbrush. You can save the leftover flakes for use on a later project.

What can I use to embellish my card?

Foil - how to use it with a hot foil pen

You can buy a special "pen" that you can use to adhere foil to your cards with. The nib of this pen heats up and you then lay the foil (with coloured side facing up towards you) onto your card/paper and use the pen to draw on the foil in the areas that you want it to stick down. This melts the foil onto the paper.


How to use Pearl Ex

Pearl Ex is a powdered pigment that is sold in small jars. To use it you just need to mix it with water or with a painters medium like Gum Arabic. You can then use a paint brush to brush it onto your cards. Pearl Ex comes in a variety of colors including gold,silver, bronze and also comes in a variety of clear interference colors.

Radiant Pearls?

Stockists of Radiant Pearls

The The Merry Stamper stocks the full range of Radiant Pearls paints, as well as some great stamps. Make sure you look at their examples too.

What can I use to embellish my card?

Gold leaf and metallic leaf - What is it?

Gold leaf can be bought from craft stores in two different forms. The first one is in very fine sheets of beaten gold (this is very expensive). The other way you can buy it is in packets of gold and metallic "flakes" - this way is much cheaper and is quite easy to use.

What can I use to embellish my card?

Foil - How to use it with glue

You need to find a glue that dries to "tacky" (I use the Sailor Roller Ball Glue Pen). Put the glue onto the areas that you want to be foiled (a nice thick coat) and then let it dry for at least 20 minutes, or preferably an hour. Then lay your foil on the glued areas with the coloured side of the foil facing up towards you. Rub the foil gently with your fingers and then pull away from the paper. The foil will adhere to the areas that you have glued.

What can I use to embellish my card?

Glitter Glue

Glitter glue (in particular I love the clear glitter glue) works really well on card fronts. Just finish off your card and then spread a thin layer of glitter glue on the areas that you want to "sparkle".

Radiant Pearls?

What are they?

Radiant Pearls is a brand of pearlescent paint that can be used in quite a few different ways. They are "safely" embossable (ie: they do not create dangerous fumes when heated); they can be used to color your images; and they can be used to make great background papers. The colors available are quite numerous - I`m sure that everyone will find colors to suit their stamping style.


Pearl-Ex on Dark Card

Pearlex looks great on dark card - it is especially stunning on black.

What can I use to embellish my card?

Use leaves!

When it's fall/autumn you need to be out there collecting dried leaves! These make wonderful embellishments for card fronts. If you think they are a little "fragile" spray them with a craft sealer to help preserve them.

What can I use to embellish my card?

Fun Flock - how to use it

You will need to put a layer of glue onto the areas that you want to "fluff". You then sprinkle the fun flock onto those areas and push it down gently into the glue (don't have too much glue there). Then just put the card aside until the glue has dried.


Pearl Ex and your blending pen!

If you love using Pearl Ex or are just beginning to use it, then you'll be pleased to know that you can use Pearl Ex powders with your blending pen! Just pick up the color of your choice with the end of your blending pen and "paint" it across your image wherever you like. You will not have to use a spray sealer to seal the color to the page because the blender ink will do that for you.

What can I use to embellish my card?

Liquid Applique - how to use it

Using Liquid Applique is easy! Just spread some onto your card in the areas that you want "puffed" and then heat it with your heat gun. It will puff up almost immediately. Just set it aside to "set" for at least an hour. You can add glitter to it while it is still warm if you like - this looks great for snow on cards.



When you're trying to think of some way to brighten up your card, don't forget ribbons! A stamped and colored topiary tree can look great with a small ribbon bow "tied" around the trunk. A teddy bear always looks great with a tartan bow around his neck!

What can I use to embellish my card?

Metallic leaf - how to use the flakes

You will need to use an adhesive that remains tacky when dry (I recommend the Sailor Roller Ball Glue). Put a nice thick layer of glue onto the areas that you wish to leaf and then leave to dry for about an hour. Then, handling carefully, take some flakes out of the packet and pat them onto the areas that you want leafed. Then use your finger to gently rub the flakes onto the glued areas. You can use a little bit of pressure to make sure the flakes are nice and flatly spread onto the glue and to "burnish" them a little. Shake the leftover flakes back into the packet.

What can I use to embellish my card?


Beedz are a great product available at some stamping and craft stores. They are very small beads with no hole in the centre that can be glued onto your card to add sparkle and dimension.


Where to find information on Punchart

Punchart can be so much fun! If you have some paper punches and you'd like some inspiration on what to do with them, then a visit to this page of links could be just what you need...




Glitter is a wonderful thing to add to your cards. It gives them such sparkle! Make sure you finish your card completely (stamped and layered) and then spread a thin layer of your favourite glue where you want the glitter to stick. Then just sprinkle the glitter onto the card and shake off the excess to save for another time.

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