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What is a swap?

Card Swaps - your responsibilities as a participant

If you have entered a swap then you will have to make sure that you make the agreed number of cards (usually 6) and keep to the required theme. You will have to make sure that you post your cards to the co-ordinator so that they reach her/him by the agreed finish date. Make sure that you understand any postage payment requirements and enclose the required postage. If you have problems meeting the requirements then don't be scared to contact the co-ordinator and either withdraw from the swap or make an arrangement with her/him. Don't forget that swaps should be fun!!!!

Do you have information on stamping conventions?

The California Art & Rubber Stamp Festival

Contact: Heirloom Productions, 3900 NW Cherokee Lane, Newport, OR 97365 (541) 574-8000

What is a RAK?

RAKS - Random Acts of Kindness

"RAK" stands for Random Acts of Kindness. If you're interested in taking part in a RAK program, check with any of the online groups you belong to! Most have one! With a RAK list, you have to submit your address and you will be given a list of other participants' addresses. The rules can vary, but usually you are expected to send out a card to someone on the list periodically, on a predetermined schedule. This is a great way of receiving samples of other people's work as well as to make new friends!

How can the kids be around other kids?

Homeschooling - Joining a local association

It is a great idea to join a local association of homeschoolers. This is a great way for our kids to get that "socialization" that everyone thinks they miss out on. Plus, it helps because they do take group field trips and do group projects. You might also consider joining the Home School Legal Defense Association. They provide legal advice and defense in court for reduced costs. Check out their site at HSLDA.

What groups can I join?

Rubber Traders - Buying/Selling/Trading group

Ready to refresh your supply? You might be interested in joining this group. You will find them at

Do you have information on stamping conventions?

Stamping Down Under - Australia

A great annual convention held in a different Australian city each year. This is very similar to many American conventions in that there are many exhibitors and some wonderful classes and seminars to attend. You will find more information at

how do I get started in home schooling?

Getting Started With Homeschooling

•Check out the homeschooling laws in your state.

•Read up on the homeschooling laws in your state. It is usually pretty simple to satisfy the laws.

•Find a support group in your area. - Support groups can help you with all aspects of homeschooling; i.e. choosing curriculum, record keeping, meeting the state laws, activities for the students. Even if you aren't going to join a support group, it might be helpful to contact one in your area and see what they have to say. Choose and purchase your curriculum.

•What curriculum do I use? This is the hardest part. You can spend a fortune or get by on just a little. You can purchase a complete curriculum from a publisher or mix and match. You can buy your books new or used.

•Set up a record keeping system. Most support groups provide the record keeping forms that they require. Your record keeping can be as simple as a daily journal or as complicated as setting up daily and weekly goals.

This is what I do: I lay out my plan (the assignments for the week) in a teachers planning book. I check them off as they are completed. Every six weeks, I make a summary of what was completed and covered in each subject.

What is a swap?

Card Swaps - what are they?

A lot of internet groups allow their members to participate in swaps. One person volunteers as the swap co-ordinator and they choose a "topic" for the cards and then announce it. Anyone who enters the swap has to make the number of cards required within the theme style. They then post them to the co-ordinator who "mixes" them all up and sends you back the agreed number of cards. This is a great way of seeing new techniques and ideas.

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