Sello Frequently Asked Questions




How do I use bleach?

What can I do with a brayer?

How can I get a marblized look?

What is reverse stamping?

What gifts can I make?


How do I use shaving cream?


What can I use to embellish my card?



Stamp storage?


Making wrapping paper

How do I make my own cards?

What is one of the easiest ways to clean my stamps?


How can I make my christmas cards special?

Valentine cards?


How can I organise my supplies?

heat embossing?

What is a 3D card?

Radiant Pearls?

Do you have hints on setting up my own business?

How do I design a great card?

How do I store my stamps?

How do I make envelopes?

Where can I find free stuff?

Are there any free templates?

How do I start a collage?

What is freezer paper?

what is the spotlight technique?

stamp carving?

resist techniques?

how do I get permanent ink off my stamps?

How do you make a 3D card?

How can I cut my card?

What tools do I need for stamping?

making cards?

Marvy metallic markers?

uses for solid stamps?



How do I store my ink pads?

What is one of the best way to store ink pads?

Where can I get free templates?


shaker cards?

How do I store paper?

Storing mounted stamps

How do I create the effect of motion?

What magazines can I subscribe to?

Creating backgrounds with brayers?

polished stone technique?

How do I make stamps using the negative method?

How do I make stamps?

stamping magazines?

What are resist techniques?

stamped gift ideas

What are Tria inks?

How do I ink up larger stamps?

how do I carve my own stamps?

Submitting to magazines?


What is freezer paper used for?


Embossing powder?

stamped projects?

what is an art doll?

polished stone technique?

Reversing an image?

How do I learn new stamping techniques?

What is an accordian card?


stamping on CD´s?

Explosion cards?

getting a good stamped impression

unmounted stamps?


How do I sharpen scissors?


carving stamps?

pocket cards?

Valentine´s Day cards

What sort of home business can I set up?

decorating envelopes?

playing cards?

What can I use to cut paper?

Do you have information on stamping conventions?

How do I ink my stamps evenly?


unmounted stamps?

How do I use liquid applique?

What is repeat stamping?

Stamp & Scratch?

versamark ink pad?

popup cards?

How do you use webbing spray?

How to paint fabrics

What are Beedz?

How do I reink my stamp pads?


stamping on walls?

What are mosaic cards?

How do you decorate a picture frame?

storing ink pads?

How do I keep pads from drying out?

What is a swap?

direct to paper?

How do I fold my card?


using photographs on cards?

What is bleach stamping?

What is dry embossing?

stamping on CDs?

Ideas for Pearl-Ex

How do I attach vellum to my card?


How do I apply paint to fabric?

carving stamps

stamping inspiration?

Carving my own stamps?

what is a Coluzzle?

stamping on velvet?

radiant pearls projects?

Stamping in scrapbooks?

What can I do for Halloween?

How do I cut my unmounted stamps?

What is a 3D card?

envelope seals?

mounting stamps?


decorating envelopes?

What can I do for Easter?

how do I store collage items?

storing dried leaves?

stamp problems?

recycled cards?

How do I sharpen punches?

how do I sharpen punches?

What is dry embossing?

How can I layer dye inks?

How do I use chalks?


how can I keep track of my stamps?

Where can I get more information on a product?

large stamps

children´s valentines cards?

What do I need for dry embossing?

What can I do for Thanksgiving?

stamping tips

How do I use Tria inks?

fabric inks

What are dye inks?

fabric inks?

What types of paper can I use for layering?

stamping on cakes?

stamping on walls?

How can I mount my unmounted stamps?

how to save on cardstock?

What can I use to heat embossing powder?


How do I tear mulberry paper?

Why are Tria inks so popular?

What are artists chalks?

How do I stick my layers together?


What is a self-healing mat?

angel companies?

heat embossing?

Stamp & Scratch paper?

How do I use shrink plastic?

Do I need a stamp cleaning pad?




liquid applique

Heat embossing?

What is 3D tape?

What is pigment ink?



background paper?



pigment inks?

tombow pens?

How can I colour my projects?

permanent inks


Can I reink my stamp pads?

What groups can I join?

reinking an ink pad?

rainbow ink pads?

How do I use foam stamps?


shaker card?

reinking ink pads?

white dye ink?

What is a Xyron machine?

What is a metal edged ruler?

What is a waterbrush?

How do I participate in a swap?

dye ink?


online magazines?

What is a pad grabber?

How do I ink a large stamp?

How can I scent my cards?

What is a RAK?

storing cards?

embossing ink?


embossing powder?


pigment ink?

Reparing stamps?

tips on keeping track of my stamps?

coated paper?


What is a Xyron machine?

What is friendly plastic?

What is fun flock?

fun flock?

What can I use scrap paper for?

What is shrink plastic?


coloring pens?

Why are the edges of the stamp showing in my image?

What is a blending pen?

blender pen?

What can I use on fabric?

How do I stamp tags

How do I clean my stamps?

How do I apply watercolor pencils?

coloring pencils?

blender pens?

Can I emboss on vellum?

Where do I get tags?

How do I emboss an image?

How do I use bleach in my projects?

where can I find a color wheel?

How do I remove static?

Where can I get an inexpensive light box?

Any hints on dry embossing?

What is a light box?

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